Mokra Gora: The beauty of the Balkans and common language

Mokra Gora Mountain and tourism are a common language for five municipalities – Zubin Potok, Istok, Peja, Rozaje and Tutin. Through these municipalities, thanks to a project co-sponsored by organizations in Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro, a new part of the Via Dinarica hiking trail has recently been extended.

“Our common language is mountain” – says Dževdet Luboder from mountain club “Ahmica” in Rožaje.

” “I believe that tourism is one of the main assets that can link municipalities with different communities, cross-border municipalities, and together, we should promote different natural beauties and endorse tourism. Therefore, I think this is the first common language that we can use together to develop tourism”, added Masar Kabashi from Istok.

“Tourism is the best possible way to connect different communities, even those communities that do not communicate with one another, in order to reach a common benefit,” Dragiša Mijačić from Institute for Territorial Economic Development pointed out.

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